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non profit tax exempt status

How to Get Tax-Exempt Status for Your Non-Profit Organization

Before applying for your tax exempt status with the IRS, you have to form your non-profit at the state level. ...
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Grant Funding Sources for Nonprofits

How to Identify Legitmate Grant Funding Experts

If you’re a seasoned (or new) non-profit business owner, you may be familiar with the difficulty associated with finding grant ...
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Alternative Funding for Small Business

Why You Should Talk to an Expert Before Applying for Small Business Funding

If you plan on applying for small business funding, it would be wise to speak with an expert who is ...
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what is a good business to start

What Is a Good Business To Start & How to Pay Yourself A High Salary from It Hi, Tina Williams from and chances are you found this video because you were searching for what is a ...
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how to get a grant

How To Get A Grant Read the transcribed version of this video below. Hi Tina Williams here from and chances are you found this ...
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Nonprofit Business Plan

How to Write a Non Profit Business Plan Read the transcribed version of this video below. Hi, Tina Williams here from and chances are you found ...
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Business Plan Help for Nonprofit

Why You Need a Non-Profit Business Plan for Your Michigan Based 501(c)(3) Organization

A non-profit business plan is necessary for startups and established organizations. A  Michigan based 501(c)(3), non-profit organization is a business that needs ...
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Writing a Business Plan

Writing a Business Plan is Important, Here’s Why

Writing a business plan can be fundamental to the success of your business. Many people believe that writing a business ...
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grants for small business

How to Get a Small Business Grant

It can be difficult to obtain a small business grant however it isn’t impossible. Small business grant money is primarily ...
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How to Become a Nonprofit

How to Start a Nonprofit Organization the Simple Way

You can start a nonprofit organization just as quickly and easily as a for-profit business when you know what to ...
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