Introduction to Proposal Writing

00:01 Introduction
00:45 The Proposal Writing Process
01:52 Planning – The First Important Step of Proposal Writing
03:34 Research – Finding the Right Fit
05:09 Proposal Format
07:02 Typical Proposal Elements
07:57 What Funders Really Want to Know
08:45 What Specific Needs Are You Addressing?
10:30 What Are You Trying to Achieve?
11:49 What Are Your Strategies for Making it Happen?
12:03 What is Your Specific Plan of Action?
13:09 How Do You Know if You’re Successful?
16:06 How Will the Project Sustain Itself in the Long Run?
16:55 Conclusion
17:27 Executive Summary
18:48 Supporting Materials
20:49 Follow Up With Funders
23:50 Key Takeaways
25:37 Next Steps Training
26:28 Where to Find Sample Documents