Identity Theft- It happens more than you think!

Identity Theft

1.A nationwide survey by Javelin Research estimates that 8.1 million adult Americans were victims of identity fraud in 2010, down from 11 million in 2009.

2.Identity theft topped the FTC’s list of consumer complaints again in 2010, accounting for 19 percent of the 6.1 million complaints.

3.The Javelin study indicates that identity theft is now a $37 billion crime, down from $56 billion in 2009. But the mean consumer out-of-pocket cost due to identity fraud increased 63 percent from $387 in 2009 to $631 per incident in 2010. Most victims don’t experience any out-of-pocket costs to resolve identity fraud, due to the zero-liability fraud protection offered by most banks and credit card companies.


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