How to Identify Legitmate Grant Funding Experts

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Grant Funding Experts

If you’re a seasoned (or new) non-profit business owner, you may be familiar with the difficulty associated with finding grant funding experts who can do what they claim they can do. You’ll find many so-called grant experts online who tell you they can help you get your 501 (c)(3) established and help you raise grant funding if you pay them thousands of dollars. I’ve talked to many people who have fell for this and ended up paying thousands of dollars, just to get nothing in return.

Learn How to Get Grant Funding

At QT Business Solutions, we’ve had great success helping non-profits obtain their 501 (c)(3) status in as little as 3 weeks (90 days being the max) and raise grant funding to take their organization to the next level. Our years of experience has enabled us to come up with a list of ways to identify legitimate grant funding experts that get the results you want.

  • They Have References – This is the most important because if they can’t provide you with proof that they were able to raise grant funding for their clients, they most likely have never been successful at it. At QT Business Solutions, we provide our clients with a list of references who we’ve helped obtain grants and small business loans.


  • They Teach You How to Effectively Operate Your Non-Profit – The best grant funding experts have a background in running their own non-profit. Therefore they can not only help you raise grant funding, but also teach you how to effectively operate your non-profit so it becomes profitable. At QT Business Solutions we offer a 6-week grant course that is taught by an experienced non-profit professional. She ran her own non-profit for years before she started teaching. The very first time she applied for a grant she was awarded $175,000. This is the type of professional you want to work with to help start and build your non-profit.


  • They Provide You With Additional Resources  – Non-profits have to be well managed and there are many filing requirements at the state and federal level. You’ll need to have access to additional resources such as accountants, lawyers, and HR professionals. These resources will help you meet reporting requirements so that your non-profit is always in good standing with the law. At QT Business Solutions, we also connect you with the resources you’ll need to help properly manage your non-profit. Any so-called grant funding experts who can’t connect you with additional resources, may not be a grant funding expert at all. Keep that in mind.


  • Their Fees Make Sense (In Relation to Their Success Rates) – This is a big one. The average grant funding expert charges thousands of dollars in fees just to help you apply for one grant. If they can’t provide you with references (people who they’ve helped raise grant funds), they shouldn’t be charging you thousands of dollars. High fees only make sense if the grant funding expert has a high success rate.